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Origami Ball / Kusudama 


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Origami Ball / Kusudama 

Written By: Julie Hudy 




Bone folder (1) 

Origami Paper (15) 

all the same color but different from the 

other 15 


This is a beautiful Kusudama Ball. If you've never done origami before, don't be scared 
away. Take your time and you too can accomplish this. 

I'm not 100% sure on the time frame. I have never started a project like this and worked it to 
the end. I usually take a few breaks. ...chocolate breaks! :) 

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Origami Ball / Kusudama 

Step 1 — Origami Ball / Kusudama 

• You will need 30 pieces of paper: 15 of one color and 15 of another color 

• I'm going to use double sided paper for my ball. This means there is color on both sides 
of the paper. Usually one side has color/design and the other is white. 

• I will do the directions in regular paper. Blue and Green. 

• Cut all pieces in half. 

• You should now have 30 pieces of one color and 30 pieces of the other. 

Step 2 

• Start with one piece of paper. This will be the "flower petal." Make sure you crease the 
paper really well. 

• Place paper colored side down. 

• Fold in half, per picture #1 . 

• Unfold, per picture #2. 

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Origami Ball / Kusudama 

Step 3 

• Take point at bottom right (A) and fold to center top (B). [Picture #1] 

• Take point at top left (A) and fold to center bottom (B). [Picture #2] 

• Your piece should look like a parallelogram. [Picture #3] 

Step 4 

• Now we are going to fold the larger triangle in half. Take the top right point (A) and fold to 
bottom center (B). [Picture #1] 

• Completed. [Picture #2] 

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Origami Ball / Kusudama 

Step 5 


• This next part can be tricky, so take it slow. Open up your last fold to 90 degrees. You wil 
see there is a little pocket. [Picture #1 and #2] 

• The top point needs to fold down to the center top, closing the pocket. It should make a 
square. Crease well. [Picture #2] 

• I usually put my finger inside the pocket, pushing down on the paper. This makes the 
paper open up. Then gently press down on the outside. You will see it forming a square. 
Make sure the top points are straight and crease. 

• More pictures in next step. 
Step 6 

♦ Here are more pictures from that last step. It can be challenging. Just take your time. 

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Origami Ball / Kusudama 

Step 7 

• Take top layer and fold top point down to bottom of square. [Picture #1] 

• Unfold the fold you just made. Take the top right side of the paper. Fold diagonally with the 
edge along the center line. [Picture #2] 

• Fold down/over using the first fold. [Picture #3] 
Step 8 

• Now simply "close the book" taking the left point of the square back over to the right. 
[Picture #1 and #2] 

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Origami Ball / Kusudama 

Step 9 

• Fold top point down to bottom, similar to previous step. [Picture #1] 

• Unfold. 

• Take top left side and fold down along middle line, similar to what we did before. [Picture 

• Fold down/over like before. [Picture #3] 
Step 10 

• Take notice of the flap. [Picture #1] 

• Fold so it's standing upright. [Picture #1] 

• You are going to stick your finger in the pocket again to open the pocket and kinda squash 
the front down. [Picture #2] 

• Make sure it stays centered. You can see the fold line in the back paper. Make sure the 
point you just made is lined up with that. [Picture #3] 

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Origami Ball / Kusudama 

Step 11 

^.Z-— — ^ 


• Do the same on the other side. 

• I turn mine over so I'm working in a similar way as before. [Picture #1] 

• When you are finished it should look like this. [Picture #2] 

• I made one more without all the black marks for you to see. [Picture #3] 

Step 12 

• Now the easy part! This next piece is kinda like a "jacket" for the first piece. 

• Take your other piece of paper. Lay it color side down. 

• Fold in half and unfold — same as before. [Picture #1] 

• This time we are going to fold the top right corner down to the bottom middle. [Picture #2] 

• The other side — fold the bottom left corner to the top middle. [Picture #3] 

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Origami Ball / Kusudama 

Step 13 

• Unfold both sides. 

• Let's put on the "jacket." 

• Take your first piece and lay it in the center of this piece, kinda at an angle along the fold 
lines. [Picture #1] 

• Simply tuck in the flaps. [Picture #2 and #3] 
Step 14 

\» 1 

7 /lH 

|Hri v ^^H 

• Place unit in front of you vertically. [Picture #1] 

• Fold the unit in half. [Picture #2] 

• Fold the top left point down to the lower right side, making a triangle. Make sure to also 
fold the little tab. [Picture #3] 

• Turn over and do the same to the other side. 

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Origami Ball / Kusudama 

Step 15 

• Your first piece is finished! 

• Now make 29 more!! 

Step 16 

• Great Job - you've made 30 total units! 

• I made 3 in the green/blue color combo to show you how to assemble. [Picture #1] 

• I have also made 30 units in the black/red/pink combination (2 color paper) to finish the 
project. [Picture #2] 

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Origami Ball / Kusudama 

Step 17 

• Let's Assemble! 

• Take two of your units. Look at picture #1 to show you the pocket and the tab. 

• Take one of your units and place the tab into the pocket of the other one. [Picture #2] 

• Slide the rest of the way in. 

Step 18 

^^. Podtei >3l. AM, 

L if A A 

\ wL'.M 

• We are going to finish the triangle shape by adding the third piece. 

• Lift up tab 1 and slide tab 2 into pocket 3. [Picture #1] 

• Finish the triangle by sliding tab 1 into pocket 5. [Picture #2] 

• Completed triangle. [Picture #3] 

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Origami Ball / Kusudama 

Step 19 

• I am now going to continue with the 
black/red/pink units. [Picture #1] 

• You will notice this unit has 3 
colors. The red piece has pink on 
the other side instead of white. This 
can make for a beautiful ball. 

Step 20 

• Continue adding units and making triangles. [Picture #1 and #2] 

• Notice the "petals." There should be 5 for each "flower." [Picture #3] 

• Keep going... you're almost there. The ball will begin to form. 

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Origami Ball / Kusudama 

Step 21 

• Here are some pictures while it's progressing. 

Step 22 

• The last few pieces can be tricky - just take your time. Remember: triangle and 5 petals. 

• Completed! 

• Happy Folding! 

Have fun and enjoy. 

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